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Australian Sunday Magazine article with our (8 year old) son Hugo about life in Spain

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"Made in Catalonia" film festival: Melbourne, Australia.

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Latest interview for ABC Radio

Latest interview for ABC Radio

Modern Spain and Australia: a lecture at the Uni of Barcelona

Podcast of lecture at the Uni of Barcelona on "Modern Spain and Australia"

I don't think,...therefore I am

The Catalans in Queensland

Season of free Australian films in Barcelona

When government is sport

"When government is sport" - My latest opinion column for Catalonia Today magazine

"The Australian Dream...or Nightmare:" A talk by poet Rod Usher at the University of Barcelona

Another season of Australian film in Barcelona

Blue Black Friday

"Blue Black Friday" - My latest opinion column for Catalonia Today

Hard to believe

Times in the balance

Video: talking and listening on "Our Finest Hour"

Our (then) 8 year-old son Hugo interviewed for an Australian Sunday magazine

Barcelona terrorist attacks -- first interview with ABC Radio in Sydney

Video: My latest interview with ABC TV (Australia) about the Barcelona terror attacks

Dangers of the sell-off

Why not Australia?



Spanish group puts 10,000 books on Melbourne's streets

Those "big industries"

Work, money, machines

Letter from a (political) cult refugee

Elizabeth Costello (by JM Coetzee)

God is an Englishman (Donald Horne)

Spain once planned to invade Australia with an armada


"Fears increase, virus surges in Spain" -- My latest interview with ABC Radio (Sydney)