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Girona's own: the music scene

Japan's untouchables

Globalization: "Freeters, combini and Uniqlo”

Translation of “There is only one race: the human race.”

Parents with a fear of rubber


Eduardo Galeano

The Finding of History

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Barcelona bookseller jailed for selling Nazi literature

The past is close behind

"What have the unions ever done for us?"

What Franco knew about The Final Solution

This order of things cannot always endure

What Franco did for the Holocaust

Removable truths

A view of Barcelona in the 1930's

“When we are born, we are all Moors” ...

How to confirm a stereotype

“If this is a man…”

A photograph (of what is there)

A new idea (for many)...

A pluralist Spain?

In Majorca, Atoning for the Sins of 1691

Barcelona neo-Nazi's go free

Spain's "whistling island"

"Francoism isn't over in Spain"

The Spanish Civil War as local (recent) history

"Another dimension"

"The Catalan Footprint in Australia"

Stolen children here, stolen children there

Another interview with Australian national radio

2011 is becoming 1968

In Benjamin's name: A new prize for creativity in Catalunya

A hole in the wall for Barcelona’s unwanted babies

Not such a Happy New Year for Barcelona Hitler-worshipper

UPDATE on Spain's stolen babies

Why I Write (and) What Tom Wrote

What would George Orwell say about Europe?

What is to be done?

Spain through the eyes of Robert Hughes

Homage to Primo Levi in Girona

Muñoz Molina interviewed in English

Franco's censored books live on

"My name change saved my life." - The last British soldier to fight Franco dies at age 94

Orwell's Barcelona, December 1936 (& who really are the "wealth creators")

Remembering Catalunya digitally

Some thoughts on "The Spanish Earth"

Portrait of an Asturian miner

History's hand at Martorell's bridge

"Goodbye Barcelona"

Does this sound familiar...?

Why Europe?

"New project honors thousands of Jews who braved Catalan Pyrenees to escape Holocaust"

New York through the eyes of a Spanish great

Between Two Fires

I don't think,...therefore I am

The 500 year-old voice

The Catalans in Queensland

Video: talking and listening on "Our Finest Hour"

"The best of times?" - My latest opinion column for Catalonia Today magazine

An Englishman in Madrid

Why go the public way? (Part one)

Spain once planned to invade Australia with an armada

A Very Brief History of Ladino Literature/ Manuel Forcano’s “Catalan Jews”

Where have all the sad and angry songs gone?

Reaching out across the centuries (Shakespeare)

Albania's pain

"The role of culture in Europe’s crisis." (My translation.)

Real red: Corbyn and Goytisolo

Evolution's forgotten man

Why not Australia?

The colours of Asturias

The great human paella


Women I admire

God is an Englishman (Donald Horne)

VIDEO: Public reading of an excerpt from "Slow Travels in Unsung Spain"

Remembering Pau Casals