Brett Hetherington

Banner photos: Cornelia Kraft

"Fighting a battle that is far from lost"

[A version of the following article was published in Catalonia Today, January 2014.]


Writer and Catalonia Today journalist Brett Hetherington publishes a book about parenting...

The Remade Parent (Why We Are Losing Our Kids and How We Can Get Them Back)

In today’s battle for the hearts and minds of our kids, who is winning? Are parents? Or are our children disappearing from our lives?

In The Remade Parent, Brett Hetherington helps mothers and fathers recognise how, why and where their parenting is under the greatest pressure. He explains the underlying reasons for men too often failing in their role as fathers and looks truthfully at the current phenomenon of many mothers increasingly "opting out" of being genuinely involved in their childrens’ lives.

Hetherington’s book claims that the recent global economic recession has provided us with the perfect moment to re-think and then reconstruct parenting.


Experience & research

Drawing from almost two decades of personal experiences, extensive research and in-depth interviews with parents, the author draws attention to the simple fact that parents can do better as the people responsible for bringing up their children. He argues that most of the problems that young people face in the 21st century begin either before or outside of school but lead to problems in the classroom itself. He makes it clear that the solutions start with the parents.

The Remade Parent also raises serious questions about how our rapid-paced working lives mean that our children’s needs are too often overlooked and points out exactly how and why our kids are slipping away from us and suggests signs we should be on the watch for.


There are concrete steps we can follow for the changes we need to make and explantations as to why those changes are necessary, as well as direct references to bringing up kids in Catalonia.

The book is far from a negative treatise and Hetherington offers an optimistic picture of a "Remade Parent" as the carer we all have within us, waiting to be awakened – a new kind of thoughtful, understanding, and physically present parent; one that will provide the "continuous care, concern and affection" that all our children need now more than ever.