OTRA VIDA (Note To Self)

  [First published at Milton Keynes library, England 2006.]

 [Image: Hans

 So you’ve got this meat of the mouth urge

To write to write to self-ignite

You hear something that’s never been said

An idea given birth to and raised in your head


You just think somebody’s got to hear you

They can’t live without

Your insight

Your minds eye magic spin


You’ve got an idea that’s so golden and rare

So alive

So much more

Than thin air


You have something to say

Without fear – it’s right here

It is standing

And beckons you near


This idea so profound – it is sharp – it is sound

A thought that will stand up to time

So refined and sublime, self-contained yet unrestrained

It is waiting and calling you close


And some will talk to the sky as these thoughts multiply

But you hold a little sun pearl

That only glitters

When it finds its audience


Yes, you’ve got something to say

And your brave good self

Will greet

The day.

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