Your own sun pearl is happy

It is deliverance

Happy is walking and dropping from nowhere

It is weightless

               Happy is not over there              

Happy is just about to know you

It’s the hand that sayeth go thou go thou


And happy is driving through it


Happy is no one’s measly mantra

Happy is jawbones

It’s the sight of sane eyes

It is downstairs in a box of photos

And is not interested in laws


Happy, the light that angles in

The musical proposition of hearing words well

Happy to wait without caring and happy with the empty cart

The start of it all and the last

Happy is getting lost to know

It is the days of fountains

And it’s what is still standing tomorrow


Happy is not smugness

It is the pillow of doubt

And the bed of years

That is sprung to your liking

Happy is piling in

Kissed up and ripe

It is what stirs


Happy is the carrying ant

The tender light

And stepping into sun

Happy is not palming off the stranger

It is let in the dogs

Happy is cheating no one

Happy is great is my love for this world



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