The Only Way Is…

[For secondary school students]    



When you become a kid

You’re always looking UP

At grown-UPs

And some of them think you should…


Keep UP with the others

Stand UP when yer told to

Live UP to expectations

And always turn UP on time


Eat UP all that dinner

Drink UP all yer milk

Open UP yer eyes

And now go clean UP yer room


But don’t play UP

Don’t make UP stories

Don’t stuff UP

And don’t trip UP whatever you do


Next don’t run UP debts

Don’t throw UP on the carpet

Confess UP all yer sins

But don’t give UP – there’s hope


So jump UP outta yer bed

Round UP all yer friends

Cough UP the money

And climb UP the social ladder


Now make UP yer mind

Sign UP for life

Face UP to the future

C’mon! Just bloody well grow UP!


But first do UP yer tie

Line UP outside the room

And speak UP I can’t hear you

Why don’t you just wake UP to yourself?


Oh, but quick, write UP your homework

Type UP your neat copy

Put UP your hand to answer

But please keep your chin UP


And pick UP all those papers

Stick UP for yourself


…While I’m reading this poem!







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